The British Lingua Franchise Network

The British Lingua began as a single centre institute in 1993. Since then it has seen continual growth. Recent years have been a spectator to a great acceleration in this growth. As a result the British Lingua can now boast of 20 branches.

Although this is testament to our success, we do not want to sit back on our laurels. We are continually looking for new ways to expand our operations and reach more people who want to learn English. Our aim is to create a network which covers every corner of India.

BL Franchisee - A profitable proposition

The concept of franchising is based and followed on a proven method of operating a business. A franchisor like British Lingua (BL) develops a business format over the years. In such an event the chances of success as a franchisee is many times higher than running an independent business. According to latest surveys, 90% of all independent business fail whereas 95% of all franchisees succeed. Just a glance through the facts given below, and you'll know your chances of success with BL are very high. Partner the market leader

1. BL has been a part of the organized sector for over 15 years Over 20 centres across India
2. Effective and original course material
3. Over thousands of students
4. Demand surpasses supply

5. As per a survey, only a three per cent of Indians know English and everybody wants to learn it now
6. It shows a huge marketing of English teaching in India.
7. Huge scope for long-term profitable venture
8. Minimum investment

How is the Franchise centre commercially viable?

There is no expenditure except administration and faculty salary.

100% advertisement support from the company, barring the local ones.

Investment is limited only to the initial payment made for the starting of the centre. No further investments.

Annual returns on initial investment is more than 70%.

From the very second year it would almost mean returns without any further investments.

Training of your faculty & counselors by our experts.

Lingua Bulletin, a monthly, is a mouthpiece of British Lingua

No risk factor whatsoever, proven business model.

What BL expects from its Franchisee

1000 - 2000 sq.ft. area in the main commercial centre of the town/city (own or rented)
An applicant must be in the age group of 25-40 years.
A well furnished front office and 3 fully equipped classrooms of 200 sq.ft. each.
Faculty and course counsellor.
Rs. 2 lakhs as initial investment.
Commitment and good administrative skills.
Dedication - The franchisee must spend at least 50% of his/her time at the BL centre.

If you are interested in opening, owning and managing an English educational centre with the support, and under the brand, of The British Lingua, then please contact:

Birbal Jha, Managing Director

1/48, Lalita Park
    Laxmi Nagar
    Vikas Marg
: 110092
: 011-32585879/43026787