Distance Learning Program

Dear reader,

Apart from the regular students, there are sections of people who want to pursue our programme without joining us directly. DLP study material is specially designed for those who are unable to join our regular classroom facility. This will give you the insight and modalities on how you can make yourself comfortable in English without any direct guidance of language trainers. It will teach you the nuances of spoken English so as to enable you to speak fluently and without any flaw.

Mind you, studying a distance learning material is a tad different from the books available in the market. You have to revise your routine to be punctual and regular. Make a commitment to yourself, "rain or shine I have to learn English." As you better know to reach the top of a rock solid, commitment is required.

Do try to create an ambience of English at your home. Reading, writing, listening and speaking are the four pillars to learn any language. Be sure your daily routine includes these. Also, try to talk to yourself in English. It makes a terrific change in your communication skill. Make a habit of reading loudly. It makes your tongue familiar with the language. With this practice you will never find yourself strange with the language.

May be your present level of English is not good. Don't feel let down, don't devalue yourself. Keep patience, work hard and be positive. Maintain your morale high. Appreciate yourself that you can do this. Our best wishes are with you. Go ahead.