Courses to Pick from:

British Lingua Offers a Slew of Courses.

Fundus Course

This is the basic course for the real starter."A good beginning is half the battle won,"as the saying goes. The five-month course is made for those who don't know English but want to speak it fluently and write correctly.

Crash Course

A step ahead of basic understanding of English,this is a three-month Intermediate Level course for those students who want to acquire fluency and write effectively.

Capsule Course

This two-month course comes handy for those who have a fair amount of knowledge in both written and spoken English. They now want to have a comprehensive knowledge of grammar and right usage of vocabulary. This Advanced Level course enables them to speak flawlessly and write in normal and natural way.

Finishing Touches/ Corporate Readiness Programme (CRP)

This one-month course is specifically designed for those who are now well-equipped with desired skills in English and want to further their knowledge professionally and in working environment. It prepares them to face prospective employers who are looking for manpower that possesses a certain level of proficiency in communication skills to deal with their clients and business interests.

Voice/Accent Course

A good speaker needs to have a command over accent and cadence while delivering his/her speeches. At British Lingua, this one-month course focuses on pronunciation characteristics of English language. It is needed all the more in Indian context and accordingly, we prepare them as natural speakers.


This one-month course is for those students and prospective employees who have to take the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).


For getting employed in government, semi-government and corporate sector, in addition to clearing written test, one has to face group discussion and personal interview before he/she makes it finally. In this one-month course, we have developed module that helps in honing the skills and inculcating the needed exposure. Training in personality development is also an integral part of the course. Hundreds of topics are put for discussion among students to test their level of spoken efficiency, general awareness and analytical temperament.

Topics covered in Fundus, Crash and Capsule courses are designed to make you familiar with grammar and vocabulary through extensive usage. Once you are conversant with principles of grammar and their role in forming sentences, you achieve a new level of efficiency in spoken skills. The courses are designed to make learners ready to face the corporate world. Apart from providing the study material, various activities are conducted during the sessions to help students implement the skills they are learning at the institute.

Topics covered
  1. 1 Elementary concepts of conversational English
  2. 2 Sentence formation with basic words
  3. 3 Identifying and using parts of speech
  4. 4 Picking out subject and predicate in a sentence
  5. 5 Art of introducing oneself
  6. 6 English alphabets and sounds
  7. 7 Use of some courtesy words (sorry, thank you, excuse me, pardon etc.
  8. 8 Knowing verbs and making sentences with them
  9. 9 Use of do/does
  10. 10 Basic use of has/have/had
  11. 11 Art of meeting/greeting/parting
  12. 12 Understanding and Application of Tenses
  13. 13 Learning Vocabulary – Formation of words – Pronunciation
  14. 14 Using auxiliary verbs
  15. 15 How to communicate with strangers
  16. 16 Frequently-used Modal Verbs
  17. 17 About Articles and their proper usage
  18. 18 How to write short paragraphs/stories/snippets/report
  19. 19 Punctuation and its correct usage
  20. 20 Verb Tenses
  21. 21 Transformation of sentences (negative, Interrogative and Interrogative-Negative, etc
  22. 22 Use of let/ Let's
  23. 23 Emphatic words/sentences
  24. 24 Brief Idea of Phonetic transcription/syllables
  25. 25 Applications of Infinitive/Gerund
  26. 26 Preposition and its correct usage
  27. Every individual has his/her own needs, which is why British Lingua offers customized programmes. The emphasis is on listening and speaking during a class.